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Topic: What Happens if an arduino hits the maximum storage size on an SD card? (Read 374 times) previous topic - next topic


So pretty much I had a Adafruit Feather 32u4 Adalogger with a 10 DOF sensor in it. I put it in a rocket and launched it off. I couldn't find the top part yet and it is probably still logging data. What happens when the 2 GB SD card can't store any more data. Will it overwrite or will is just stop recording?


Ian S


Will it overwrite or will is just stop recording?
It will fail to write.
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Supplementary question: is there an absolute maximum size of microSD that the Arduino SD readers and associated library can handle? If so, what happens if you use a card that's too big? Does it use up to where it "understands" or just not work at all, or what?

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