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Topic: How do you make the current draw from a device gradual instead of instant? (Read 2871 times) previous topic - next topic


What simple, cheap device will do that for me up to 12v 3.5amps?

1. serial inductors.
2. thermisters / inrush current limiters.
3. ptc resistors.
4. a mcu.


Quote from: Grumpy_Mike on January 11, 2013, 11:02:35 PM
Look for a feature called "soft start", you fin it on a lot of power regulators and switches.
I'm trying but can't find anything that fits the bill

A google search for "soft start circuit" comes up with hundreds of designs.

For example this one:-
Replace the LM317 with a 3A regulator, or use the output of the LM317 to drive a transistor to boost the output.

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