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You can just remove that transistor that connects usb to the 5v rail - easy mod, takes 30 seconds, seems to work fine. After the mod you MUST supply power via the 5v bus, usb power won't work after that.


Does anyone have seeeduino pcb board design files ready for external power supply that has 24 V, with a switching power supply or something like that, to avoid overheating due to 24 V to 5 V conversion?


I noticed in reading this thread that someone asked about the Nano, but never got an answer.  The Nano V3 schematic shows the USB 5V connected to the 5V from the linear regulator via a Schottky diode.  (Checking a board under a stereoscope shows that this is indeed the case.)  This is the reason that the Nano's serial-to-USB chip cannot be powered from Vin, but I think it should allow simultaneously connecting an external supply to the 5V pin and connecting a powered USB cable.  PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!

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