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Hello everybody and first of all, scuse me for my bad english.

I have spent many time searching in internet some link can help me, then, i have decided to register in this forum hopening someone can help me.

I have just bought an easy vr shield, but i am not able to understand how to use it in Arduino code. I think i need the simpliest example as possible in order to understand basical commands.

For example, turning on a led after a voice command and turning off after another voice command.

I would appreciate very much your help because i think i can not do it alone myself......

Thank you very much.

Ema from Italy


Ciao Eva, Non preoccuparti per il Englisn ..

What we need is a link to the VR card you have.

Then maybe we can help...
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Hello and first of all, thank you for the reply.

This is a link to the EasyVr shield:

In this web-page, there is a demo-code. I have try to understand it, but with no successfully because i am newbie.
I think at the moment, i need only the basic command related to trigger and action about this shield in order to begin to learn.

For example, i think i need something like
- if voice command= "hello" then "turn on led on pin9"......

I hope i have explain and scuse me again for my bad english.

thank you

Ema from Italy


I agree with you completely. I purchased the same shield but I am having a very hard time understanding the sample code provided. I still don't know how to use the shield.

Here is a tip that helped me to make some progress: The Commander program that you can download from the manufacturer's website will automatically generate code for you once you train your own commands. This code still will not do anything without being edited, but at least it will already incorporate your words in the enumerations.

If I figure out any more I will post it here.


Change the title of your post. As it stands it will be read as Easy V Simplest code. In other words "which is best easy code or simple code" which is of course a silly question. Expand the vr!



I found a solution and finally got my EasyVR to work! Check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bt0E1R5h1Y&list=FLjMDHWZVv-SefDrvS1osxAQ

It is the last of a three part series. In this part, the narrator explains the software portion. If you have EasyVR Commander automatically generate the code, all you then have to do is define your pins and insert code for each command at the bottom of the sketch. The video explains all of this. I hope it helps!


Thank you avpullano for your link.

But i have a very very big problem..... I don't speak english very well.....
I can read and slowly translate english, i can try to write english, but ican really not understand what people say in english......

Can you please try to explain to me with simple words the 'basic' things about that video?


I pretty sure it can be programmed to follow a command in ANY language. What you do is setup a word, and record what that word represents. Everytime the robot hears that particular word, it will do the intended action.
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Ok, i am sure too.

But i need some help doing it, because i am newbie and i don't understand english very well.....

So, how can i trigger an action? What is the correct sintax to do this?
How can i start a response?.....

Scuse me for my newby. But often, people things everybody knows everythings....... it is not so.
Many people like me, doesn't know english very well and it is very difficult to learn these things.

Well.... we need someone step by step to teach.....


But i need some help doing it, because i am newbie and i don't understand english very well.....

Neither does the Easy VR. It recognizes sound patterns. Program it to understand your native language, not English or German or Martian.

So, how can i trigger an action?

Have you looked at the library? It's not that difficult to use.
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