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I'm trying to figure out how to best track 2D absolute position of a device on a surface of indeterminate size. Obviously, an accelerometer or mouse sensor would work for relative position, but I want the device to be able to tell where it is on the board, not just where it is relative to where it was placed. I want a bunch of these things, so cost would ideally be under $20 or so per camera. My best idea so far is covering the surface in a four-way colour gradient, and then using a small camera (anything around 1 or 2 inches in size out there?) mounted on the bottom of the device to get colour values of whatever is immediately underneath (so resolution is irrelevant - I can deal with 1x1 pixel).

Is there anything that fits this criteria, or even better, some other way to track absolute position?


If you have the color gradient you just need a color sensor.  Alternatively you could use a light sensor and LEDs of different colors.
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