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Mostly there are stupid answers instead of stupid questions.

1. If it uses serial, it is most likely NMEA0183 format. And you need to know right baudrate that is using. Note also that serial is a bit wide definition and hopefully you also know the physical output, since it can be TTL, RS422 or RS232. Connecting RS232 to TTL may burn TTL side.

NMEA0183ToN2k does a lot and it seem to already have basic GPS conversion. There is no direct way to do that. NMEA0183ToN2k reads data from NMEA0183 and collects it to variables (see BoatData.h). When it has enough data, it will forward it. It seem to send at least GNSS, SetN2kCOGSOGRapid and Heading messages.

2. GNSS will be normally sent with 1 sec period. Heading and COGSOGRapid will be send with 100 ms or 50 ms period. NMEA0183ToN2k sends all messages as they arrive, since there is no data send faster.


Thanks Timo!

The gps/gnss i have is using ttl. I could connect it right to serial1 and it was working out of the box with the 0183to2k  library. Some things are missing, but before I need to take a closer look on what exactly the output is from the module to compare what I recieve on the MFD / bus and what exactly is send before I can say what is missing.

I ordered to PCB tofay which I found on OSHPark. They where for AIS implementation. I was missing the tx part onboard and since this was a hell of expensive i thought to give this one a try!

The application part is on github: https://github.com/peterantypas/ais_transponder by Peter Antypas.
One off the "Fans" was wondering about NMEA2K since that one is based on NMEA0183, I guess due to rs232 radio and MFD connection.

How ever, since they where talking about implementation of NMEA2K I posted them the link to your github repository as well to this post. I hope that is ok for your..

If somebody is interessted, Web of Peters github repo: https://github.com/peterantypas/ais_transponder
OSHPark files and details:
RF part: https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/E84PAqMK
Logic part: https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/U0kWDO24

Since AIS is already a part of the library I thought may it would be easy for them to translate it to nmea2k (easy thought). So we will see..


One company has started to make Teensy based sensor boards for NMEA2000. They contacted me due to my library and send me some sample boards. There is one nice ready IMU board. I can ask are they ready to sell.
Hi Timo,
compliments for your libraries.

Have you any news about these Teensy sensors?
I would like to make a 9-axis compass to add at NAC-1 autopilot. My target is Lowrance Precision-9, this is what she do:
- Messages: PGN 127250, 127251, 127257, 127252
- Data output: Magnetic heading (20 Hz), rate of turn (20 Hz), pitch/roll (10 Hz), heave (10 Hz)
with a Roll/Pitch range of +-45° and Haeding accuracy +-2°

Do you think it's doable with Teensy board and your libs?


Unfortunately thy are not yet on market, but the board is nice.

There is no problem with library to do that except 127252, which is unknown PGN. Teensy boards are good for that. If your prject is large as I would think that compaas would not be, Teensy 3.2 should be enough.

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