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I tried via the Additional Options below the test window, but got back:

The attachments upload directory is not writable. Your attachment or avatar cannot be saved.

It's a .jpg file of 45K length.



I have the same problem - I ended up putting the picture on Flickr and linking it in the img tags


You can just put the flickr bbcode in:

PB284562 by Ian Tindale, on Flickr

Go to your flickr picture page, go to "Share this", go to "Grab the HTML/BBCode" and set it to BBCode and paste it in here.

By the way, you can't just paste the flickr img in alone without a return link of some kind, as it's against the flickr terms and conditions, and if they find out, they'll come round and prod you with a parsnip, if Yahoo still has any staff by then.


SMF Does support attachments... but it seems we have that feature disabled at the moment. (Maybe permanently?)


I hope they change their mind.  Having to host pictures elsewhere and put links in here is a hassle.  Obviously you don't want to let the storage requirements for attachments get out of hand, but setting aside a few 100 megs, having a size limit in the 50K range and having a 4 month retention window would keep things to a dull roar.


I am looking into this issue now, attachments is a feature that should be working perfectly, I think we might have forgotten to configure the permissions in the folders or something while moving the forum from our dev server to the production one.


If attachments are allowed, then space to store them from now on will need to be provided.
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Testing for direct attachments: Look closely, click on thumbnail, making pies!

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