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Hey guys,

So I'm trying to communicate with the ELMeasure LG+ 5310 energy meter using RS485 to TTL logic board converter. The only problem is I don't know how to get send or receive any information as I have never worked with RS485 communication.

If anyone could guide me in this, I would really appreciate this.

Thanks a lot in advance.


use modbus library and LG register map



Thanks @juraj, I have actually found that, but which library do I use? If you could help me, I would be grateful.


Sorry, for now I use Modbus TCP. Modbus RTU over RS485 is next on my task list. In December.


Thanks for the help anyway @juraj. If anyone else has worked, please help me. I'm doing this as a bet to show my lecturer that you don't need to be an Engineer in order to work with Arduino  :P , but I'm getting stuck only with the RS 485 communication. Every other part of my code I have written myself. Must say, its very intuitive, and super interesting.

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