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iv made a c++ form application using visual studio. i want to read a string, serially printed/transmitted from my arduino mega and show the string on a text box in my form application. i have tried ReadLine() and a few other functions but I am unable to do so.

this is the arduino code:
Code: [Select]

String str;

void setup()

void loop()

i have inserted a text box and a button on my form application. i want the hello to be saved in a string and want it to appear on the text box.
(or if therez a way to serially read characters, that can do my job too)

need help with the c++ code for the form application for this :/ any kind of help will be appreciated!


I've not experimented with this class, but see if this might help:



need help with the c++ code for the form application for this

But you have not shown any code for the PC side.

Frankly, C++ is a crappy way to build forms applications that deal with the serial port (or that don't, for that matter).

C# makes developing forms apps so much simpler, and reading and writing from the serial port is trivial. Check out the attached application, if you want to go the easy route.
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Thankyou econjack and PaulS for your help! i will surely try these methods

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