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I'm actually pushing against the memory limits of the Mega now, since my project has a lot of components. I think it's up to 1700 lines of code by now, not a lot by modern standards but quite a bit in Arduino world. Plus, a bunch of data structures and arrays. I'm actually now having to write some custom memory management code just to avoid approaching the limit. Do you know if the NodeMCU offers more memory than the Mega, either for code or variables? At some point I might have to look into a more robust MCU, or perhaps even move to the Raspberry Pi. I'm already using one on the back end, to store data in MySQL and serve up a simple web page. But, we're talking a real OS here and all the complexities that go with it.

As for BT, as you probably know, the HC-05 doesn't really use much of any, if at all, since it works over serial, which is handled by the Arduino. It's basically just the overhead of another serial port plus buffer. Same with the ESP8266. Low tech (compared to I2C or SPI), but it works, and for most uses it more than fast enough.



Thanks, that should be more than enough for anything I might add to this project. It's the ports that are somewhat lacking, since it only has 1 analog port and my project needs several. No big deal to add an A/D chip though, or replace my analog sensors with digital ones.

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