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after a partial laptop failure (had to reset windows), i reinstalled Arduino 1.8.5, and when i wanted to set the preferences so that the sketchbook was located, i made the change, clicked OK button, and it returned to the IDE, but nothing worked. the IDE was fully locked. i had to close it via the Task Manager, and End Task on Java, and by so doing, the Arduino IDE.

as said above, Arduino 1.8.5
Java 1.8.0_161
Windows 10

Sketchbook to be located on a mapped network drive (if it makes a difference), but currently set to "...My Documents/Arduino".

Arduino IDE works fine, if i don't change preferences, with the exception of locating the user libraries in the sketchbook (as they are on the networked drive).

Thanks in advance for any help. :D



Does the problem still occur if you change a preference other than the sketchbook location? I suspect it has something to do with the sketchbook location you're setting, rather than just changing preferences.txt generally.


Try this:
  • Manually change preferences.txt to set the sketchbook location to a folder on the networked drive.
  • Start the Windows command line (cmd)
  • From the command line, run the program arduino_debug.exe, which is located in the Arduino IDE installation folder.
  • After the Arduino IDE fails to start you should see some output shown on the command line. Copy that and then paste it in a reply here.

Maybe that will provide some clues that could help us find a way to get it working.

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