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Project Guidance / Re: Problem with ESP8266 inter...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 08:25 pm
Maybe a small filtering cap can help?
I have been wondering about that also. Where should I put it? And what sort of value? I am very weak on that sort of stuff and tend to do all the things I warn programmers against - like mindlessly sticking a piece in here to see what happens.

I tried a 100nF cap in the signal line and between signal and GND and signal and Vcc none of which seemed to make any difference.

I put 10 µF in the breadboard across Vcc and GND for the QRE1113 and that made no difference.

If I was getting random measurements I would be more convinced about noise - for example interference from the PWM lines going to the motor. But the measurements are very definitely not random. I must write myself an essay about in the hope of getting all my thoughts in one place.

hi Mira,

Could you pls share the final code?

Deutsch / Re: Akkustandsanzeige Solaranl...
Last post by uk1408 - Today at 08:22 pm
hast du mal daran gedacht, einen ADC 1115 als A/D-Wandler zu nehmen? Damit sparst du dir das ganze Theater mit der Stabilität bei wesentlich höherer Auflösung.
Davor einen Spannungsteiler 30k/10k und eine 5,3 V Zenerdiode parallel zu den 10k nach Masse.
Post data sheets or link to the product page for the motors, and a wiring diagram (not Fritzing, please).

The small, rectangular 9V block batteries can't provide much current, and are totally unsuitable for powering motors.
General Discussion / Re: What are these led strips?
Last post by AWOL - Today at 08:21 pm
Software / Re: pequeño error que me trae ...
Last post by galo348 - Today at 08:21 pm
Gracias surbyte he modificado el código y faltaba ese "else" para funcionar bien. No sabia que la placa de relés funcionaba con lógica inversa, otro detalle mas para recordar  ;)

Mil gracias
Project Guidance / Re: ESP8266 Serial remote cont...
Last post by line-web - Today at 08:21 pm
That does not provide any useful information from which to make suggestions.

You need to explain in detail what happens when you run the program.

The program worked fine running on the PC
But when i connected it to the AVR, ther was no respose.

i was able to connect to the webserver. but nothing happend when i klicked a link, other then it reloadet with the new url,
so the Serial communication did not work.
Project Guidance / Re: Ballistic chrono storing r...
Last post by AWOL - Today at 08:17 pm
So what's the problem?
Displays / Re: MCUFRIEND_kbv Library for ...
Last post by zhangyang1999 - Today at 08:17 pm
Hi David
I just had my mcufriend 3.5 in for UNO worked on MEGA this morning.
The problem is whenever the text needs to be updated on screen, the new text just overlays on top op the old text at the same spot.
I have to overwrite it with spaces to make it work but refresh is very slow.

Here is my code:

 float aa1 = random(-15, 45); // current reading
  float aa2 = random(-15, 45); // min reading
  float aa3 = random(-15, 45); //max reading
  int y;
  for (  y = 0; y < 7; y++) {

    float READINGS[3] = {aa1, aa2, aa3};

    for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)

      if (READINGS < 0)
        tft.setTextColor(CYAN, BLACK);
      else if (READINGS >= 0 && READINGS < 15)
        tft.setTextColor(BLUE, BLACK);
      else if (READINGS >= 15 && READINGS < 30)
        tft.setTextColor(GREEN, BLACK);
      else if (READINGS >= 30 && READINGS < 35)
        tft.setTextColor(YELLOW, BLACK);
      else if (READINGS >= 35)
        tft.setTextColor(RED, BLACK);

      String empty;
      if ((String(READINGS, 1)).length() == 3 )
        empty = " ";
      else if ((String(READINGS, 1)).length() == 4 && READINGS < 0 )
        empty = " ";
      else {
        empty = "";

      if (READINGS < 0 )

        tft.setCursor(115 + i * SPACE_HOR - OFFSET, Y_INPUTS + y  *  SPACE_INPUTS);

        tft.println(String(READINGS, 1) + empty);
        tft.setCursor(115 + i * SPACE_HOR - OFFSET, Y_INPUTS + y  *  SPACE_INPUTS);

        //     tft.setTextColor(YELLOW, BLACK);
        tft.println( " " + String(READINGS, 1) + empty);


Project Guidance / Re: Ballistic chrono storing r...
Last post by jetstuff - Today at 08:16 pm
I shouldn't think so,  it only retains the entered weight eg 8.44 grains at the start of the program.
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