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I would like to apologize for my "whiny" posts. i am currently taking a bit of a vacation from posting in open forum (this post excluded ;) ), while i contemplate things.

That is all.

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Sounds good. Personal responsibility is a powerful thing.  It puts an end to a lot of excuses. Good Luck.
A creaking creeping shadow
stiff against the freezing fog
glares at a tickless watch.

Time has failed him -- all things shall pass.


Some things you just don't go begging support for. In prisons, murderers spit on pedos when they can't kill them. Reason for that is that they were once children, some might have children, the murderer is deemed more moral than the pedo.

Don't try to justify pedos to people who want no damned part of that shit. Think instead of how F-stupid trying that is.
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