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I thought that UPS drivers are unionized, so that workplace safety issues like overheating should usually be handled by unions, however, this UPS driver's nurse wife is asking random online strangers to sign her petition to demand air conditioning on delivery trucks, saying the truck gets 180 degrees in hot summers!

I'm not an active member at change.org but they keep sending these petitions for me to sign. If this service is anything that replaces the army of grunts with clipboards, I miss the interactions. There is no place you can comment on the petition if you don't wish to sign. Must feel good to have 10K signatures while not knowing how many people are against you!

Do trucks really get 180 degrees hot? Maybe some actual UPS drivers or friends that know arduino can rig up a very simple data logger to corroborate the hi-temp claim in places that are very hot, like those concerned with hot car child death. Some real data would be nice.
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