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Hi everyone,

This is my first time at the forum.
I'm going to buy and Arduino and start some projects.

What I want to do is control a light using arduino throw my phone. I want to connect my phone to a network throw wifi using a localhost website with some buttons to controll the light. The arduino will be connectes to a router - is that possible?

I'm going to need the arduino, a rele board as i know.

The arduino doens have rj-45 right?

Can someone give me a 'light' what i'll need and how to do it?

I have a raspberry pi and I can use it to host the website but I dont know how to transfer data bettween both using lan. Firt I thow using textfiles to import and export commands but if anyone has a better Idea I'll appreciate.

Thank you


Go for nodemcu which can work with wifi . or if you already have brought arduino you may have to buy esp8266-01 so that it can receive data via wifi , or hc05/hc06 module for bluetooth mode .

And you can easily get sample program and ways to install drivers on google and arduino playground .

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