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Hi distribution@arduino.cc (Roberto, Csaba, Alessandro, etc.),

still no improvements in communication with partners/distributors.

After doing directly with you in a past (first one arduino brand, that with dual brand Arduino/Genuino) and now ('Arduino AG' + outsourced BCMI LABS SRL) we noticed that all your communication downgraded. Not only that but also quality of services downgraded.

Could you explain us also why isn't Distribution Agreement followed from your side.
Please be so kind and start to answer to questions which we sent you via email on distribution@arduino.cc

For more please read our email sended to you on email address distribution@arduino.cc (only communication channel for distributors) and answer us.

Best regards,
Dejan Kocbek (dejan.kocbek@smaksoft.si)


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Hi Dejan,

Think this is not a topic for the forum. Please mail the founders for this. I will mail you some info.
I locked the topic as there should be no discussion here

Rob Tillaart

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