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Hello, I am using IR sensor 1838B with ATTINY85, I have followed this tutorial https://www.google.sk/amp/www.instructables.com/id/Attiny-IR-library/%3Famp_page=true
. Everything is working as expected, I have also added the sleep function and PCINT0 to wake up from sleep to my code, but the problem is, that I want to do something immediately (on the first press) when I press the button on IR remote control. Because now, when the tiny85 sleeps, I press the button then tiny wakes up and then I have to touch the button for second time to execute a command. Simply I want to do it on single press. IR remote control has NEC protocol.  I very need to have the sleep function in my code, because I am going to do some low consumption project.
If anyone of you can help me, I will be very glad. Thanks.

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