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Topic: I got some problem about using MG-811 (CO2 Sensor)  (Read 166 times) previous topic - next topic


You can see the picture of my work from this link

I have some problem about this sensor because it can't show the real CO2 ppm,
on the monitor it show like 12000 ppm or -5612 ppm but that is impossible because the datasheet of this sensor said this sensor can show only 350-10000 ppm and the average CO2 on the air is about 400-1000 ppm
(Data Sheet this link) http://sandboxelectronics.com/files/SEN-000007/MG811.pdf  

(Source Code this link)http://sandboxelectronics.com/?p=147

(My output this link)https://ibb.co/hUEqLb

I tried to change the module , sensor even the wire but the result was still the same.
Any suggestion ? Thanks in advice :)


The code you're using is not for the same module you're using. Just because the same sensor is used doesn't mean the rest of the board is identical. Post schematics of the board you are using! Does your board also include an amplifier?

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