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May I humbly suggest separating the Serial Monitor button from the cluster of other buttons - to avoid the mis-clicking of the upload button instead?

And also, could we have a hot-key-combination for the Serial Monitor... maybe Command (Ctrl) - M   ??

just a thought.

Mighty fine work from you guys though, thanks.  My first project is almost taking shape - a solar tracker.

kind regards





I had a poke around in the code a while back (if I could remember where I found the menu shortcut code eventually I'd mention it here... Nope... :-/ ).

Anyway, it seems like most or all of the other keyboard shortcuts are implemented on menu items. The serial monitor doesn't have a menu item so adding a shortcut appears not to be as straight forward as it might first seem.

Just thought this might be useful information if someone wants to take it further.

Also, an additional/alternative approach might be to:

 a) Always switch to the monitor after a successful upload.

 b) Always display the monitor, in addition to the existing feedback console window.

I've found it kinda tedious to flip back and forth from the serial monitor while executing a uploading/debugging cycle. (But, boy, am I glad I don't have to hit the reset button too!)

My 0.02...



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follower: switch to the monitor after a successful upload.
it would be great to choose if monitor should be activated after upload!

Sometimes it would be great to pause and clear the console.

Keep it going on.


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Its me again,

if found some issus at local referense included with arduino 0010,
  • arduino-0010/reference/Extended.html link "const" points to Const.html instead of Constants.html
  • PROGMEM.html and Volatile.html are not included :-)
  • most files are outdated

> if you like, i could update the files and put them together for next arduino release

need to be changed to compile with 0010
> if you like i could update the lib

http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/LCDLibrary and http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Libraries points to old library path, this should be
arduino-0010\hardware\libraries\ExampleLibName for arduino 0010+

Contact me, if you like.
cheers, p::d.


Hey, thanks for the reports.  We're actually looking for editors - people who are interested in working on the documentation, in part to catch and fix things like this.  See the call for editors if you're interested in applying.  

The tutorials part of the site is woefully out-of-date.  I'm hoping to move them to the playground so they can be fixed by anyone.

I'll have to make sure I download the latest reference before releasing Arduino 0011.

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