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Dear all,
I want to use arduino to read an output of photodector. But the output voltage is on the negative voltage range and depending of incident light is in the range from -100mV to -1V. How to convert the signal from negative to positive region, idealy via 1:1 invertor. I have read about inverting operational amplifier (op), and how a question about connection of op, photodetector and arduino. How do do such a connection and which op it is better to use?


A three-resistor voltage divider may work for you.

But a much smarter thing for you would be to post more details in your project, as outlined in the sticky that you apparently didn't read or ignored.
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You may try this op-amp circuit. 741 is usually operated on dual (+/- : +5/-5 or +12/-12) power supplies. However, it can also be operated in single supply to get expected result. The ouput of the op-amp could be connected with Channel-A0 of Arduino UNO.

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