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Topic: Arduino IDE 101 Support on the Raspberry Pi 3 - Raspbian - No 101 in the board a (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


I can use the Arduino IDE for the 101 under windows, but not from Raspbian on the Raspberry pi 3.

First I noticed there was no board manager on the Arduino IDE on the Pi. Then I realised it was an ancient version. So I manually downloaded and installed the experimental arm version 1.6.

This 1.6 IDE version has a board manager, and I can see the 101 download. But when I select the different versions I get either :

1.0.7 - arduino101load is not available for your OS
1.0.6 - arc-elf-32 is not available for your OS
1.0.5 - arc-elf-32 is not available for your OS
1.0.4 - arc-elf-32 is not available for your OS

I went through the 1.6 Arduino IDE experimental install for Raspbian (as the arm is still experimental).

I want to use the CurieNeurons of the Genuino 101, but I want to program the 101 from the Pi 3.

Any help



Hi Marcus,

Arduino 101  toolchains and upload tools are not yet compiled for ARM architectures (which is still in beta)

At the moment you'll need to compile the toolchain on RPi (sources here) and the golang based upload tool (here ) , place them in the correct folder structure and launch the IDE.

Otherwise, if you don't need to get things working tomorrow, open an issue on https://github.com/01org/corelibs-arduino101 and if it gets enough traction the next version could be ARM-compatible.


So make life easy.

I want to run my 101 on my Pi 3 IDE.
Step by step, and simple what do I need to do (Raspian)
I have the current IDE up an can run older boards.



If you just want to be able to flash your Arduino from your Raspberry, please have a look at my post in this Github bugreport for how to do this.

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