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Topic: options for a 3 axis table need to know if this will do the trick befor i spend the money (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


this is a link to a ebay listing for

3 steppers
3 stepper controler
1 power supply
and a brake out board interfac
this all is vary new to me but i realy want to get some thing going
im not sure what eles on the driveing the motrors side would be missing or if all these items would make a compleat kit for runing mach3 or k cam
ok this is how i under stand it i could be wrond thats why im here :)
useing the printer port on my pc i run mach3 to the port with the brake out board the board then handles the movments and what needs to go where  . being the brake out board hooks to the stepper modules that hook to the steppers and then wham bang boo g code controling 3 steppers
im hopeing this is right or i might die from the let down but if this is wrong pleas let me know what im missing so i can decide where to go from here thanks !

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useing the printer port on my pc

It doesn't seem that you plan to use Arduino at all. Why are you here on the Arduino forum?


this is  just to get the g code to talk to the the stepper sence ive been tracking down a way to do this using the arduino and it doest look promising   so beyonfd this set up i want to use my arduino to control my spindel speeds and me encoders for the axis and aventuly get a read out display going with the x y and z cords  so im her cuz i was her first befor i moved on to a cheaper more up to the task stepper controller  and i was under the impression that this was the genaral project  useing arduino section so i could ask for a more experanced persons input on spending the money to get back to play with my arduino side of this project .. due to the lack of luck with driveing big stuff with my arduino i smoked 2 adfruit shilds at one attempt of driveing my project to the next level .. live and learn ...


But what you're asking about has nothing to do with Arduino. You've got a board which seems to be designed to connect to a PC and I have no idea whether it will do what you hope, but whether it does or not has nothing to do with Arduino.


Why don't you look up the Mach3 Forum and aske your questions there? Asking here is like going to France and asking them questions in Spanish.....

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