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I seem to be having the exact same problem.  Every once in a while my LCD (not the Spark-Fun one, but the same flavour) does this, and I spent ages assuming I had something wired incorrectly.

After mucking about, I inserted some debugging code (Serial.println's) and was greated with a whole lot of wrong-baud-rate jibber-jabber in the monitor.

I am explicitly setting Serial.begin(9600) and the monitor displays properly when I set it to 19200.  I also modified my code to print (mills()/1000) to the LCD and it looks like the Arduino itself is running at double speed.

This is an Duemilanove and I have had similar projects working on it for several months.

Does anyone know how to fix this?!   HELP!


Figures...  30 seconds after I posted this, I solved my own problem...  I'm replying here in case anyone in the future has the same issue.

I had the IDE set to the wrong board type.  Amazingly, it works fine now!

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