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Hey everyone. My parents have given me permission to do a under cabinet lighting system in our kitchen and a permanent decorative lighting system outside for the front of our house for Christmas lights etc. The under cabinet lights are pretty straight forward and i have that covered but its the outside that will be more interesting. They want one line of led strips across the front that can do programmable effects and control each individual light. I plan to use the dream color led strips but I'm not sure how to control it. It would be pretty easy if it was just 1 strip, aka 5 meters but out house is quite a bit wider than that and i want to use at least 2 strips that could work together as if it was 1 long one. I was thinking of an arduino solution but it has to be easy enough for my parents to use. Does anyone know of a single controller which can handle both strips? I've been searching for a while but i can't find one. I would prefer to have it using both strips as if they were 1 than having both strips doing the same thing if that makes sense. Thanks for your help


Do you have a link to a datasheet for the led strip you want to use?

Otherwise it's going to be difficult to give decent advise.


Here's the closest thing to a data sheet I've been able to find.

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