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Introductory tutorials / Re: Hysteresis
Last post by lastchancename - Today at 02:12 pm
Nice explanation
Software / Re: Eseguire una query select ...
Last post by docdoc - Today at 02:11 pm
Oppure, se deve essere in "push" dal sistema verso Arduino, un qualche processo richiama Arduino sul quale implementi un protocollo TCP minimale (o un piccolo web server)?
He hasn't released them yet.
Programming Questions / Re: Error in micros()
Last post by tuloski - Today at 02:11 pm
I suspect you are spending more than 1ms inside your ISR, thus missing timer0 interrupts, which will
cause the symptoms you see.

How often is the PPM_pin toggling?  Perhaps you are continuously re-entering the pin interrupt and
thus blocking any timer interrupt?  Pin interrupts are very high priority.
Why spending more than 1ms in the ISR can make me miss timer0 interrupts? Are the interrupt and the micros() using and sharing the same timer?
The PPM interrupt is around every 300 us.
Can you post your code and some precise observations?
As soon as i get home today i will post the whole code.

i now only have this part that works but with the issue described in post above:

Code: [Select]

in the Void setup:

crashPin2State = digitalRead(crashPin2);

      while(crashPin2State == 1  ) {;
      crashPin2State = digitalRead(crashPin2);
      Serial.println("in the move -while- loop");
      if( crashPin2State == 0) break;


This post may be useful... to build up a string

Using sprintf() Example

Thanks for your reply.

How would I write this and do I need to declare anything in the scope?


Generale / Re: il programma mi dice che c...
Last post by gpb01 - Today at 02:08 pm
Mi sa che manca qualcosa entro le graffe... ;)
... o che magari le graffe sono messe non dove dovrebbero stare e ce ne è qualcuna di troppo ;)


P.S.: ... ma ho il sospetto che manchi anche la pull-down :D
General Electronics / Re: Transistor
Last post by BabyGeezer - Today at 02:07 pm
i think what all the seniors are saying is that the act of "under-powering" itself is the no-no.
(due to inefficient heat dissipation running the device at half-speed)

...I realized that in order to operate it I needed a transistor to provide a sufficiently high current.
you don't "need" the transistor to provide a sufficiently high current - you need it because the Arduino cannot handle it directly.

you should really look up how transistors work - i'm not quite sure if this applies to MOSFETs but to those "power transistors" (like the TIP120) - they can handle a *range* of current, as you are thinking - BUT the trade-off is that the power that does NOT get utilised, is *wasted* through heat - and if you are running the device at, say, even 20% (of it's maximum rating) - that means - you are dissipating 80% as ... ironically - heat !!

I have problem connect Arduino to the computer there is no plugin sound and Arduino not visible under com & LPT ports so manually install Arduino Uno but showing caution symbol ???? any suggestion pls
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