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I just realised, that the Leonardo ETH is discontinued. And it looks like the Ethernet Shield 2 is hard to get.

We have a couple of projects based on that board and we would need a replacement, best case using the same library (Ethernet2). What replacement do you suggest? And I'm keen to know the story behind the end of the ETH. It was pretty perfect for us. : )



The equivalent would be a Leonardo with a W5500 Ethernet shield on it. Those shields are a bit less common than the W5100 shields but they are available.

There is a library that supports W5100/W5200/W5500 and automatically detects which one is used here:
The API will be the same as the Ethernet2 library. It's primarily intended for the Teensy boards with less effort put towards the standard Arduino boards. The Teensy 2.0 uses the same ATmega32U4 chip as the Leonardo so maybe that would be a good sign for you but I have no experience with Teensy so I can't say.


Thanks for your reply pert. It was more something like a strategic question to arduino.cc. Will there be new products that will make the Arduino platform Ethernet-pluggable? Or is this a strategic decision to discontinue all of them? The shield is retired too by now as I just saw.

The actual chipset is not an issue. We can work with all of them, and adapting projects to another chipset shouldn't be an issue either.

For us it would be important to know, if we have to look for another product because there will be nothing comparable in the future from arduino.cc, or should we stick with the remaining Leonardo ETHs and wait for the new product... It would be a pity if this line would be closed completely.  :(



Ok. Now the Arduino Ethernet Rev3 without PoE (A000068) is back in the store after being retired. I didn't find any hints or statements about why the board is back what doesn't mean that there aren't any. : ) If anybody knows something, I can only guess at that point.


Is something new with ethernet products?
Where is problem? Is not possible buy something ethernet shield or Arduino with ethernet. All products are retired or not in stock.


I guess the Arduino Yún Rev 2 could be seen as a potential successor. The Arduino Ethernet Rev3 without PoE (A000068) is retired again.

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