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I am currently building a Pick to Light system using 4 Arduino Uno. I have built a UI on my PC. I am using a ws2811 RGB led. Based on user input, the UI will search for the location that I have set in an excel database. The LEDs on the shelves will light up based on the location that the UI found. Each LED has been assigned to an array number. Signal transmission is done using PWM and UDP using ethernet shield. The communication between one PC and one shelf is already working. Now, I need to control multiple Arduino Unos with one PC. I would like to get some suggestions on how can I accomplish this. Should I just use a simple router to distribute the signal? If so, how should I assign the ports and ip address to each Arduino board?

Thanks in advance.


Every Arduino board must have a unique MAC address. You can really mess up the router if you use the same MAC for more than one Arduino board. I hope you are not using the DEADBEEFFEED for every board ? The router might even block a MAC address if you keep annoying the router :o

If you use a fixed IP address in the Arduino sketch, make sure you have different IP numbers for each board. Use that IP number to communicate with UDP.
When you use DHCP in the Arduino sketch, you might set a fixed IP number in the router for each Arduino board.
I suppose that you are not running a Avahi service on the Arduino boards.

With a router, I mean the existing router of your home network. Did you not use a router ? Did you connect the Arduino Ethernet directly to a computer ? Then try to use that Arduino board via your home network. If you are in a field without internet, you can just grab any router and make it a Access Point (which it already is).

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