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kind of, disappointing really.

I do hope this isn't just a veiled attempt to impede generic arduino manufacturers.  All the time they insist on manufacturing their branded ones in Italy, where labour is vastly overpriced, they will be five times more expensive than generics.


I dont get all this panic, its just and usb enabled atmega chip instead of an ftdi, all the other boards can still be used and fabricated, because the main chip is still an atmega328p, so it is still the same thing.


I guess the reset button isn't that bad... It looked red to me at first... Appearently it's brown.


To put in my 2 cents:

I listened to Banzi's presentation today at the Faire, and the new USB setup is actually pretty cool ('cause aside from that and the smd reset button, the UNO is absolutely the same as the 2009), considering how much it lets you do with its "emulation" features. I'm planning a PC peripheral project, and I remember a bit back I asked around about standardizing the interface and I was referred to some sort of backend way of doing it (another chip to interface with, perhaps?) - but this makes things a whole lot easier (or so it seems).

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