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OK. Context helps greatly!

First: I expected that you would have looked at odometers, that's why I mentioned counters. My initial approach to this would be purchase an off the shelf non-volatile counter and feed the VSS signal to it, perhaps with some signal conditioning. Counters are easy to design and build. I do that here: http://www.cedarlakeinstruments.com/blog/products/rs232-serial-pulse-counter but the additional requirements you have (portable, save count on power off, etc) make it more time consuming, hence my suggestion of something that already has thousands of engineering dollars invested in it that you can buy off the shelf for $50.

Second: Do you want to move from bulbs/LEDs to a graphic on the OLED for space reasons or is there something else driving the desire? I'd be concerned that in a racing environment the OLED display represents a single point of failure for all that data.
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The car is street legal, barely, but it is. Think of it this way, my Raspberry Pi screen is my race screen, this has been proven to work by endurance race teams etc. That screen is the only important one when I'm on track.

Think of the smaller screen connected to Arduino as my "street dash" with basic stuff like odometer, check engine light, seat belt light and whatever normal lights a car has.   


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This is what my dash looks like, fuel gauge on the left, raspberry pi screen in the middle and a small TFT or OLED on the right.

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