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                                 Brief Description

(3) Sensors trigger a solenoid closed automatically via CH-05 modules.

                                Partial Parts List
CH-05, Uno, pro mini, solenoid, { (temp sensor), (liquid sensor), (flow sensor) }

                          More Detailed Description
(Temp sensor) triggers solenoid closed @ xxF.
(Liquid sensor) triggers solenoid closed when liquid detected.
(Flow sensor) triggers solenoid closed when flow detected.
Uno -  triggers solenoid open/closed manually -override.

                        CH-05 Communication Path

Temp sensor   > Solenoid
Liquid sensor  > Solenoid
Flow sensor    > Solenoid
Uno            < > Solenoid (signal led) green-open / red-closed

If you have additional questions, such as power supply, etc… send me a PM.


So basically:

Code: [Select]

if (temp > xxF || haveLiquid() || haveFlow()) {
  digitalWrite(RED_LED, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(GREEN_LED, LOW);
else {
  digitalWrite(RED_LED, LOW);
  digitalWrite(GREEN_LED, HIGH);

OK, not totally complete, I didn't allow for a hysteresis for the temperature probe. But other than that, this is basically what you're saying, right? (LEDs wired to be lit when the pin is set to HIGH).
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Your description is missing a few things. Are there HC-05 bluetooth modules connected to 2 Arduinos? I assume that one Arduino has the sensors and the other one controls the solenoid, correct? How far apart are they? Does the solenoid get told to switch states when the conditions which closed it reverse? Is there a minimum amount of time to average samples together so that the solenoid is not toggling too quickly?
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