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I would like to know if there are other LCD library for the 12864B

I think u8glib and DFRobot made both terrible library for this lcd.


I personally think it is not fair to compare dfrobot (a company) with u8glib (open source project without budget). But ok, if you do not like it, just do not use it. But maybe you could give a hint what you do not like with u8glib. Maybe it can be improved.

Regarding you question: It can not be answered. 12864B has almost 1 mio hits and leads to several products with different chip sets.



You are right, but both are terrible library anyway for medium user. DfRobot is more like to be a library but it's not working as it should , for example you can only use unsigned char WHY IN THE WORLD?

About u8glib, dont take it personally, i would really to see the u8glib improved, but it's not user friendly at all.

in fact, have you noticed that your library is basically used to upload the sample code on youtube but nothing else? Basically since it's not a library, it's basically pure code with examples , unuseful   for medium or basic users like me.

For example, i cant write a clean and functional code, while i have to write a DO every time to print something?

    do  {
    } while( u8g.nextPage() );

A library i really enjoyed was glclib:
glcd.clear(); when you have to clear the screen
glcd.display(); to show comands you wrote in the code

There is no do, no functions and nothing else, just user friendly code.


Thank you for your answer.

Obviously i have created u8glib for my own projects. But actually it had been used for several open source projects (like a RepRap Marlin fork with graphical display http://reprap.org/wiki/RepRapDiscount_Full_Graphic_Smart_Controller) and some industry projects (e.g. this one: http://www.poundnine.com/).

Your second point is unfortunately true: There is no clear command. This is probably the most requested command in u8glib, but i simply can add a usefull clear command. This is based on the concept for u8glib and the initial purpose of this library: U8glib was designed to consume as little RAM as possible. It got designed to fulfill specific requirements (RAM consumption) but unfortunately U8glib became famos to some extend.

Let me consider a SPI driven 240x64 OLED or LCD. A "traditional" library with a normal clear function would require 1920 bytes of controller memory to build the picture (which then must be transfered to the display).  The Arduino Uno only has 2048 bytes of RAM. Bootloader, Arduino Libs, Stack will require RAM and the 1920 will not fit to the Uno any more. But still some users (like me) want to use the 240x64 pixel display. And this is why I wrote U8glib. Ok, there is no clear function, but you can use display types on the Uno. And this is something unique... you will hardly find any other library which can do this.
I agree: For a simple monochrom 128x64 display, you may look for an other option.


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