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Can any one guide me to a post or suggest a course of action. I am new to arduino and wish to learn quick.

My  'system' would have  multiple magnet switches (like on a window or door). I wish each magnet switch to be a separate entity in that if it is broken the adruino will acknowledge magnet #1, 2 or 3, etc was opened(or multiple openings).  The open magnet would set off an alarm.
I wish to be able to have a programmable delay that would allow me to set the time between open magnet and alarm sounding.
Once the magnet is placed back in contact the alarm is turned off.  I wish to have a display that tells me my set 'time delay', what magnet(s) was opened.
Any ideas, suggestions, guidance.

Thanks much gang. If you need any clarification feel free to critique.





Could you elaborate on the reed-relays. I am a newbie to this. I'm and engineer but not an EE and familiar with all of the pieces.




I believe  its even possible to chain several sensons on a bus-line and be able to detect which are open/closed.
This can be obtained by adding unequal valued resistors and 1 analog input.
See also this very small one


Reed switch is nifty and small. Me likey. I saw some larger always on/off magnet set ups but this might make it more 'micro'.

Does anyone have a schematic of how I could make this device?? with all its bells and whistles. It's seems simple. Is there a tutorial that might move me along without having to learn C-language, etc.??

Any help would be most appreciated.

All of you posts have been very enlightening.



You decide WHAT you want to happen.:
*  trigger a shotgun
* start a siren
* send you an SMS
* start playback of barking
.. creativity is a good source for ideas.
You can make this MCU do whatever you want it to!
Help if always near.  Nobody will do this for you, but a lot of people is willing to guide you.
There ale also a lot of info in forums and on youtube.

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