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I have bought arduino uno today and i will try to make a device to transfer data to any server.
I will use a gsm shield to do this. I want to ask which gsm modem is compatible with arduino.
İ have seen many example with SIM900 but SIM800L is cheapest model.
Does SIM800L also compatible with arduino uno and if compatible which one you suggest to use.

Thank you.


Regardless of the SIM variant, get a shield. Many of the cheaper modules don't have voltage regulators or level shifters.
Beginners guide to using the Seeedstudio SIM900 GPRS/GSM Shield


Sim800L works great with arduino, I've bought the cheaper model (http://www.ebay.com/itm/SIM-Board-SIM800L-GPRS-GSM-Module-Quadband-L-shape-Antenna-for-MCU-Arduino-/251929561356?hash=item3aa82c090c).

I don't know the difference between them, both are GSM (2G). I'm using it with arduino nano, but arduino uno is even better. There are examples in youtube about how to make the connections and the code.


The AT-command-set is 99% identical for both modems (at least the commands you will use with an Arduino) so the same libraries will work.

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800 version is beter than 900 because 800 can work in all world. But 900 can`t. because 900 have missed some mH. I have business and I use this element around the world and some tests showing this. I offer to buy 800 version.


Hi guys! Which library are you using with an GSM800L?



I want to calling a mobile number using SIM800L.  what's the code?  i need help

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