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Thanks for your comments its nice to be appreciated.  Working on converting the Java BGLIB-GUI to processing as we speak.  Will have more in the next few days.



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Just a quick update.  I am using the BLED112 to connect to the Arduino 101 over the serial port of the pc.  I haven't been able to get it to work with processing but with Python there does not seem to be any problem.  As a proof of concept I made added a Matplot plot of the accel data coming over the ble to the PC using the BLED112 CRP Python code from Jeff Rowberg.  Here is a quick screen shot.

Accel Plot Over BLE


Adding a "standard" Bluetooth chip (along the BLE chip) to Genuino 101 board would have been a win-win. But...this situation sucks


Well, that's what ESP32 will have: BLE+Bluetooth 2.0 (+ wifi, but that's another story). It's clearly the path Arduino ís missing


Anybody porting ESP32 chip to Arduino?

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