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Hi @kgillespieanaren,

Hey was wondering if you are aware of another issue where the device crashes when it tries to start advertising if there is more than 7 characteristics in a service?

All the characteristics and the service are in the 128-bit UUID range. I can send you an example if that help.
Yes please! It would be great if you can open an issue with a sample sketch for this problem on Github: https://github.com/01org/corelibs-arduino101/issues



I have filed a ticket. Hopefully I have given enough information for you guys, thanks for the help!


So I am not a mac user and I currently have an issue with an associate trying to install this version on their Mac book.  They have added the link, and checked that it was the correct link in preferences, but the 2.0.0 version does not show up in their board manager.


We'll publish an updated version really soon, to handle automatic FW update when switching between versions.
Thanks for your reports, they've been really useful!

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