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Hi, I have a mega outputting a serial stream to an APC 220. I have another APC 220 with the USB interface in my PC. Only partial pieces of the Data are printed out to hyper terminal and only when i rapidly press the "connect" and disconnect" in hyper terminal.

the original data look like this

mode: day
temp: 42
humidity: 35
ambient light: 65
night seconds: 0
day seconds: 4
fan status: ON
light status:  OFF
water status:  OFF

the data in hyper terminal looks like this after it goes through the APC

staô____ß  OFö___
hght s ight midit_____ umidi 2
hu:  OF

I have tried the normal stuff like trying error checking changing the baud ect. Has anyone run into this?




Thanks for the reply, I have tried several baud rates But only when all 4 devices are 9600 do i get partial data through.
PC = 9600 N 8 1
apc 220 #1  = 9600 N 
apc 220 #2  = 9600 N 
arduino = 9600 N

when the PC is directly connected to arduino via USB at 9600 N 8 1 the system is fine.


OK, tried with the arduino serial moniter window and it works, must be something in hyper terminal it does not like.


So, maybe you have the wrong number of stop bits configured in Hyper Terminal, change it to 1 and disable all flow control, and also disable parity.


I have tried 1 stop bits already but i will try 2  and 1.5, I did not suspect a stop bits problem because if i directly connect usb to arduino and using the same 9600 n 8 1 it works fine. also sometimes chunks of correct data make it through.


I have a similar problem; rf communication wih the arduino serial monitor works, but hyper terminal, putty, tterm etc is not working.

Have you find a solution?

Kind regards,

Michel Ruijter


Find the solution in another post; on the pc side wire the radio to the USB unit using only the power and tx and rx lines.!!



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