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I've purchased the USB host shield to do a USB-MIDI to BLE-MIDI using the Genuino.
Testing the USB host shield with an UNO, it works and receives MIDI from a USB controller just fine.
(Using USBH_MIDI_dump.ino demo).

Unfortunately, when I try to plug the USB Host Shield to the Genuino 101, it seems to be causing a continuous reset cycle (on USB.Init()).

Is there any modifications to be done either to the shield to work with Genuino 101?


Which version of the USB host shield did you get.


The one at https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoUSBHostShield

(I don't have it right now to check if there's any version number on it, but I don't remember it having one though).


I am using the one from here: https://www.circuitsathome.com/arduino_usb_host_shield_projects/.  I didn't have to make any modifications to their board.   You may have to change the int pin option in the library to use pin 9.  That's the default for the library they are recommending.  There are detailed instructions on the website and GitHub page.  From the site you reference it looks like they have the int pin set to 8 and reset to 9.  This may be what is causing the issue.

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