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got this inverter off a friend siemens sinamics g110 - single phase in / 3 out

just wont do anything wont switch on got it set up as per instruction just wont turn on.

the person i got it off assures me its not faulty, its doing something. after a while when switched on, i can hear a relay clicking maby going into power saving mode

appreciate any help

thank you


How long since it was last in active use?


Also, have you connected switches and a potentiometer to the unit to control the output voltage/frequency, or alternatively, have you enabled the MOP functionality in the BOP?  The MOP is disabled by default (in favour of analogue inputs).  Unless of course it's the USS variant, in which case the analogue inputs are actually RS-485 signals and used to control the output if MOP is turned off.  (user manual PP39)


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hi matt

yes ive connected switches and the pot nothing getting the correct voltage 24 and 10v for the pot. i  cant even get the bop to function / wont turn on, i think this may be where the problem lies.

ive also taken the lid off had a good look at all the boards to see if any magic smoke has been let loose, looks ok.

going to see if i can get another bop and see if that works,


Looking good - a board to be proud of ;)

The BOP not working is a serious concern.  You won't be able to get it to do much without the BOP, or a serial connection (using the PC to Inverter connection kit).  This may be a silly question (slap me if it is - I have to ask), but you do clip the BOP into the proper location in the centre of the unit, not where it is in that picture of yours?

By the way, is yours actually the analogue or the USS version?  If the latter, the pot won't do anything - you'll need to use an RS-485 connection to send commands to it.  The BOP should still function though.


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yes its connected, i think i may have found the problem, the unit dates to 2005 (bop) not sure if its compatible with this inverter. kinda crossed my mind when i first got it as it doesnt fit very well onto the inverter, looks like it would fit but had to take the board out of the bop and fit it into the inverter connector.

not really sure what version it is analog or uss version, but after taking the lid off it looks to be both

im assuming you can flip between both somewhere in the bop, i will get another bop and report back accordingly.


The USS version has an RS-485 interface to the CPU.  The analogue one has an ADC interface to the CPU.  Both interfaces use the same pins on the front panel, so you can't have both.

There should be a model number on it somewhere - in the form: 0AB2a-bxy0*  a = 1 2 or 3, b = 0 1 2 or 5, x is U or A, and y is A or B.  * is anything.

The interesting ones are x and y - For x, U is unfiltered, A is filtered.  For y, A is Analogue, B is USS.


update matt

took the unit apart to have a poke about seems the suppy circuit is ok cant really check anything else so im amusing the unit is dead, very unusual never came across a faulty siemens inverter (worked for many years in lifts)

ive got another siemenss inverter today which works fine with both bop's old and new.

thanks for your help 

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