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In an arduino mega analog pins are consistently displaying value with no hardware connected.

Test code is below, with serial monitor results.
 All pins have this behavior of reading values ~300 without input.

 I am expecting zero, any hints?
 Is something broken?

Thanks, cnash.

const int Pin1 = 3;    

void setup() {

void loop(){
   ANALOG_PRESS_LEVEL = analogRead(Pin1);
   Serial.print(", ");

ALIVE_#390, 335, 329, 327, 325, 324, 324, 324, 323, 323, 323, 324,


As the pins are not connected to 0V or 5V the are floating just in between. Connecting a resistor between pin and GND helps.

Please read this tutorial that explains all http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/DigitalPins
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Thank you. My mistake. Corrected many months ago with the information referenced. Porting proof of concept to prototype introduced pull-down-resistor wiring error(trying to combine them). This indeed was the solution.

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