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Topic: can i replace mcu have used in arduino due with ATSAM3U1EB-AU !  (Read 537 times) previous topic - next topic


hi my friend! i think the mcu have used in arduino due too expensive for study !
 please give me some advises !
thank you very much


Short answer is no, those chips are not pin compatible.

You could of course, design a new board using SAM3U1E, but it would not be a Due, and you would have to write hardware support code and new libraries to use it in Arduino IDE.

But if you doing all that, then there are lots of other chips/platforms available which might be better/cheaper. Is there any particular reason you chose SAM3U1E?
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thank about your comment! i think it wil not too hard to re-write object of arduino for my newboard ( i just going to write for   my student to study  )

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