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A buck converter used as charge controller (LT3652) steps down power from a 36 cell solar panel to maintain a 12V SLA battery.

Project Page: http://epccs.org/indexes/Board/CC03/

Electrical Schematic:

The solar panels I'm using are the industrial types, They have glass and metal facing the outside, and a white fiberglass resin backboard. Also, some platinum cure RTV makes it water tight. I have some like this that I got almost 15 years ago for experiments and they still look nearly new. I got some 3W SLP003-12U* more recently, and they look to be built for industrial use. At 17$, I can't understand why anyone would get those epoxy coated PV arrays. Anyway, it cost that to run an extension cord out to my experiments.

* http://www.mrsolar.com/solarland-slp003-12u-3w-12v-solar-panel/
I use an R-Pi Zero on an RPUpi shield to have a tool-chain at the network edge.

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