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I intend to buy some Digispark Dev Boards after finding out it and very impressed with it. Using attiny85 chip with so small size and full compatible with Arduino. However, I don't know whether it can upload the program directly without using FTDI adapter or not.

Anyone who has used this board, please let me know. Thanks in advance.


I assume your web browser & Google are broken. I went the the product site and all the answers are there.
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I assume your web browser & Google are broken. I went the the product site and all the answers are there.
Nope. I can't find out any information what I need. So that I have to post here.


The product site for Digispark has a lot of impressive-sounding jargon, but it is not really easy to understand IMO.  Bottom line: You can upload directly without an FTDI adapter.   Just use the USB port on the Digispark to upload.   Despite the initial attractiveness, Digispark has features (or lack of features) that make it difficult to use.  If you are used to troubleshooting sketches by sprinkling serial print statements in your code to see what your sketch is doing at a particular point, you won't be able to do that with a Digispark easily.   Most of the time you spend with a Digispark is wasted trying to figure out workarounds to all the stuff you wish it would do if it were more like a regular Arduino.   With that said, go ahead and get one and play with it.   It is a little interesting, and only a buck or two.   

If you're looking for something small and inexpensive and more impressive, the DF Robot Beetle is about the same size, but massively more powerful and like a full-blown Arduino.  It is a super small Leonardo.   CJMCU Beetles are the same idea with a different layout and different USB connector.   

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