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hi, what you mean with "singular device"?

you can use a IRLED with IR Phototransistor or photoresistor to active the trigger and send a signal with some rf module

using a MCU or a encoder/decoder like a Door security sensor but with IR

Bar Sport / Re: Wall of Shame
Last post by TonyWilk - Today at 06:10 am
I think this could bite more than your ankles:

! <speechless>

Project Guidance / Re: Power Control (Dimmer): La...
Last post by TonyWilk - Today at 06:09 am

That circuit, if you have it like the picture on breadboard, is extremely dangerous.

Please turn it off and do not turn it on again until everything is properly isolated.

Depending on what actual triac you are using, the lamp may not provide sufficient latching or holding current for the triac. You will have to check the datasheet.


Bar Sport / Re: No more school discipline ...
Last post by ChrisTenone - Today at 06:07 am
  • the snakes
  • the old man kangaroos
  • the odd marsupial with a machete
  • cockatoos eating the wiring insulation
  • having to help find the odd lost tourist
  • fixing things like, flat tyres, clogged air filters, bogged vehicles.
  • Vegemite (Tasty with poached egg on crumpets)
  • risk of skin cancer (Not due to the Vegemite)

Bar Sport / Re: No more school discipline ...
Last post by ChrisTenone - Today at 06:05 am
LOL.. :) :) :)

Travis we have a job for you and your dad, build the rest of the "Great Barrier".
Build the Moat!
hi JuanCarpinteiro, you need to explain a little better what you have, and what you try to them any in the forum could help you.
Along the array of pointer lines (untested):
Code: [Select]
uint8_t N00[] = {B00111000,B00111000,B00011000,B00011000,B00011000,B00011000,B00111100,B00111100};
uint8_t N01[] = {B01111110,B01111110,B01100110,B01100110,B01100110,B01100110,B01111110,B01111110};

uint8_t *spriteArray[] = {N00, N01};
uint8_t numSprites = sizeof(spriteArray) / sizeof(spriteArray[0]);

void setup() {
  uint8_t index;

  for (index = 0; index<numSprites; index++) {


void loop() {}
General Electronics / Re: Level shifter 5V to 24V
Last post by JohnRob - Today at 05:58 am
Controlling failure modes has to be done carefully else you make things worse.

In my experience MosFets are not the weak point in a system.

I would rank failures in the following order: (I'm sure there will be other opinions but this is my experience).

  • Connections
  • Software "glitch"
  • Any component that is near or over it's limit
  • Corrosion
  • Any component that is cycled hot / cold because of load.  i.e. a MosFet or Transistor that heats up in use that repeatedly is heated and allowed to cool (thermal stress).
  • ESD related failures either spurious or permanent
  • Components within their normal rating.

I would consider your suggestion to allow the processor to disable the 24V if it senses the output is "stuck" on for any reason.

I would also consider AC coupling the output stage from the processor.  So if the processor stops running the output stage would turn off.   A watch dog timer could help here as well.

Hardware / Problema con motores
Last post by Lokifatuus - Today at 05:55 am
Hola hace unos dias arranque con un proyecto de robot esquiva obstaculos, venia todo de 10 hasta que hice el testeo de los motores, los motores son de 3 a 6v con caja reductora, el peso del robot esta muy por debajo del maximo tolerado y ademas los probe por separado y andan, el problema viene a ser que cuando uso el programa de testeo del motorshield de adafruit con el que los controlo a ambos, se escucha un pitido que proviene del arduino mega que marca una luz roja y los motores no funcionan.
el arduino no esta roto tampoco porq he probado los sensores sin ningun problema, si  alguno me podria dar una mano estaria mas que agradesido
General Electronics / Re: Digital Potentiometer
Last post by avr_fred - Today at 05:54 am
Why "very similar"to the mcp4012/14? Those are parts are the exception, not the rule since most digital pots can be set directly to a position rather than up/down only. The 4012 is a very inexpensive part with only six bits of resolution (64 positions), 256 position parts are pretty common.

The best advice I can give you is to look at the other Microchip parts, a majority of them can be set directly per your needs. You can use parametric search on to select the features you need. The MCP454X/456X/464X/466X is just one of many possible parts.
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