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Dang.. I noticed that after i sent it...  :-\  I cant find an emoji that would represent the frustration with myself.. lol.

Thanks again.

Bar Sport / Re: Your latest purchase
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 12:25 am
I just got a cheap 3D printer kit

They are cheap enough now that I have almost had my money's worth of fun just building it.

The next trick is to get a RAMPS board and see if my own simple software works as well as Repetier :)

(The RAMPS board is so I don't screw up the software that came with the printer).

Programming Questions / Re: Help With AccelStepper
Last post by jbellavance - Today at 12:23 am
Have you tried this:
Code: [Select]
if (digitalRead(buttonState)){

Deutsch / Re: Analog und Digital Uhr und...
Last post by flexcon - Today at 12:20 am
weil es mir auf die nerven ging ständig hoch und runter zu scrollen um werte anzupassen beim ausprobieren
I would again recommend you experiment .................
+1 +20

And, while nothing will work if the wireless doesn't,  the capability of the wireless is not the only factor in a successful project where there will be multiple transmitters.

Not sure what you mean by 'doesn't work':
Code: [Select]
void requestEvent() {

...what does this actually send? Can you try a 'serial.print' at both receiver and transmitter ends to see what's actually being sent through?
If you are using so much i/o, is there a possibility that you are inadvertently trying to use one pin for two different purposes?
Generale / Aiuto funzione
Last post by dariorc - Today at 12:14 am
Scusate ma ho un problema sicuramente stupido ma non riesco a venirne a capo,almeno per me che sono agli inizi....ho guardato un pò di codici simili, ma non riesco a trovare l'errore  >:(
Sto realizzando una "stazione meteo" per realizzare i primi progetti, e per imparare sempre più. Il tutto funziona se scrivo il codice in maniera grezza (un sensore per volta)......ora vorrei provare ad usare le funzioni per rendere il tutto più leggibile e migliore. Solo che ottengo sempre gli stessi errori....
"cannot convert 'double()' to 'double' in assignment".
Lasciate stare le variabili mean e il resto che uso solo per calcolare un valore medio per ogni parametro.
Non ho messo il void setup in quanto non c'è niente di rilevante. Ovviamente posso postare tutto il codice se non trovate nulla qui

Code: [Select]

double  TempC, RH, TDew;

void loop() {
TempC = getTempC;
RH = getHumidity;
TDew = calculatDEWpoint(TempC,RH);

double getTempC() {
  for (int y = 0; y < mean; y++) {
    t += sensor.getTemp();
  t = t / mean;
  return t;

double getHumidity() {
  for (int y = 0; y < mean; y++) {
    h += sensor.getRH();
  h = h / mean;
  return h;

double calculatDEWpoint(double temp, double R) {
  double a = 17.271;
  double b = 237.7;
  double gamma = ((a * temp) / (b + temp)) + log (R / 100);
  double dewpoint = (b * gamma) / (a - gamma);
  //  Serial.print("Dewpoint = ");
  //  Serial.println(dewpoint);
  return dewpoint;
300 watts at 24v requires 12.5 amps so I am not surprised that a 10 amp driver gave up the fight. Get a driver that can handle 25 amps.

Bar Sport / Re: Your latest purchase
Last post by travis_farmer - Today at 12:12 am
at roughly 2 inches square, it is mini, too. :D

as i currently have just the one, i am almost scared to dedicate it to one project. but i bought it specifically for my server rack cooler, so dedicated it is. ( i will just have to buy more, as needed ;) )

the portable programmer would be better in an enclosure, but then it wouldn't look nearly as cool. perhaps i will put it into a clear enclosure to protect it.

Microcontrollers / Re: ATMega328p to breadboard -...
Last post by Strainger - Today at 12:10 am
I spent an hour and more trying to get the FTDI adapter to work, noting that I included the parts you mentioned - pictured on Nick's site.

I end up with the same problem:
"avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 10 of 10: not in sync: resp=0x91"

I am now convinced that I am making some idiotic mistake along the way, very possibly the reset during uploading. groundFungus, can you elaborate a bit please?

Thank you both!
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