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Project Guidance / Re: How do I improve GPS accur...
Last post by teunman - Today at 04:55 pm
hey yzak,

What is a kalman filter? Why do you need one? How should it work?

I don't mean to sound like a school teacher but it would probably help if you answer those questions and then try playing with the library.

If you still have problems then don' t hesitate to ask us ;)

Programming Questions / Re: Relay Control Problems
Last post by UKHeliBob - Today at 04:53 pm
Post the sketch and I will have a look at it.

How are the servos powered ?
Deutsch / Re: Meinen Arduino Code verste...
Last post by Serenifly - Today at 04:53 pm
Wann wird also diese Variable tatsächlich angelegt, also false in den Speicher geschrieben?
Wenn du das Objekt erstellt. Wann sonst? Das ist nichts anderes als wenn du eine elementare Variable angelegt. Nur dass an der Stelle noch der Konstruktor aufgerufen wird und die Variablen initialisiert.

Verstehe ich es richtig, daß ein Anfänger, nachts geweckt, das, was combie vorgeschlagen hat, runterschreiben können müßte?
Nein, das nicht. Aber ein Array aus Strukturen ist wirklich nicht zu viel verlangt. Das sind Grundlagen. Hier denken komischerweise viele Leute dass das eine fortgeschrittene Programmtechnik ist. Das ist nicht nachvollziehbar.
Programming Questions / Re: Cnc grbl marlin
Last post by PaulS - Today at 04:53 pm
How are you planning the make the Mega do 16 bit PWM?
Sensors / Re: WARNING: Communication fai...
Last post by zoomx - Today at 04:51 pm
Watch carefully the chip pins, I received one board with some solder between two pins so it didn't work. I removed it and now the board works.
Nema steppers are way too big for what I need.

The leaves it will be operating are 120mm x 17mm, and will be arranged about 12mm apart, as per the pic. They will be pulled to the left on the pic, to reveal whats beneath. The actuators will mount behind the black box.

Sensors / Re: SparkFun BME280 library
Last post by GolamMostafa - Today at 04:49 pm
You can slowly go through he data sheets of BME280 to have the answers of your queries.

Generale / Re: realizzazione di un ascens...
Last post by Standardoil - Today at 04:49 pm
E questo dovrebbe aiutare un eventuale utente che passa di qui ?

Propongo ban di una settimana per tentativo di confusione aggravato da futili motivi  :smiley-yell:  :smiley-yell:  :smiley-yell:

cosa non ti è chiaro della legge di ohm?
Giorgio Simone Ohm così la aveva scritta:
La somma (algebrica) delle forze elettrotromotrici e delle cadute di tensione in un circuito elettrico è pari a zero
Se si rischia il ban per citare una legge di natura, a tutti quelli che seguono Lavoisier e respirano ossigeno che gli farai?
Proyectos / Control de nivel
Last post by fincafamiliar - Today at 04:48 pm
Como control el nivel de un tankecon una linea de agua?
Generale / Re: realizzazione di un ascens...
Last post by brunello22 - Today at 04:48 pm
Ma una foto di quei finecorsa ce l'hai ?
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