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Dear Sir,

I have an arduino uno r3 and the ESP8266 ESP-12e (by WangTongze).
Basically, I want to send 2 numbers from my arduino to my laptop, I haven't reached there yet.
I am trying to see if ESP8266 is working. I am sending AT commands but the ESP8266 is not responding.
I am using the LM1117 to get 3.3 V.
Here is the way that I have my connections:
Arduino     ESP8266
   Tx                  Tx
   Rx                  Rx
   Gnd               Gnd
   5V   to the input pin of LM1117
   The output pin of LM1117 is connected to the Vcc and CHP_EN of ESP8266
   The Gnd pin of LM1117 is connected to the Gnd of Arduino and ESP8266

Can you please tell me what I do wrong?
I would very much appreciate your help.


Hey! you say you connected
tx <-> tx
rx <-> rx

probably should be

tx <-> rx
rx <-> tx

because Arduino send trasmission data and the ESP should receive it and viceversa

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