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I am a university student in my final year and i have been the project of creating a stabilized platform for an rc aircraft to carry a camera on. Basically what this means is i have to develop a platform to fit inside a small aircraft and no matter what the aircraft does (pitches up or down, rolls left of right) the platform stay flat and level as to not distort the image.

Now on to what i wanted to ask. Does anybody on here know will the Arduino/Genuino 101 be a suitable micro controller for this application, as my preliminary research says to me it will, as it has the micro gyroscopes already fitted onto the board, which i need to be able to measure the movement of the aircraft. Any help or information would greatly appreciated.



The form factor of the 101 doesn't seem very well suited to that project because it's larger and heavier than it needs to be.


The 101 is overkill. You can get gyro devices for regular Arduinos on banggood.

You might want to note, though, that Steadicams are mechanical, not electronic.

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