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Dear Arduinos!

I was quite thrilled to see the Braccio Arm in your Store which would provide the perfect solution for my project! (for the interessted - i visualised my dream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6A2tN8xeTo)

I saw it last week in your shop but now it seems that it is gone... will it reappear and if so when can it be expectet again? Since I am from Austria and quite "close" to you guys - is there a possibility to pick it up somewhere if you are not shipping currently? would provide a nice reason to hit the motorcycle and make a tour ;)

I was also under the impression that i saw an Arduino Uno with Wifi-Capapilities in the store last week which i also cant find now and I have the same questions concerning this little beauty... but its not as urgent since there is also plenty of other solutions....

I love you guys, so long,


You're looking in the wrong store, those are arduino.org products and this is the arduino.cc website. They are two different companies.


Now it's here (but sold out): https://store.arduino.cc/tinkerkit-braccio

We would like to create a simulation model of the arm. Is there any possibility to get the 3D-Data (low LOD is ok, we don't want to print the arm).

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