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I am trying to change the pin layout for my GLCD ks0108 and have encountered a problem. Using the default pin layout the screen works fine with my arduino uno, however when I change the pin layout to use pins 1-13 which hookup to the driver pins 4-16 the screen does not display anything.  I have successfully changed the pin layout when using a arduino mega to drive the screen but no luck with the uno. Is this due to the difference in the chips between the mega and uno?


What library?
Be careful with what glcd pin you hook up to Arduino pin 13 as that is used for the LED and the LED blinks in the bootloader and the bootloader doesn't really put the pin back to its default state.
That can cause issues if you use pin 13 to control the EN signal.

--- bill


I am using openGLCD library.
Thanks for the advice about pin 13 I couldn't figure out why that was blinking for the longest time.

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