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I have an Ulcd 43 pt and i want to communicate it with arduino uno with I2C but it does't seem to work i have tried this example code  here
i have no success.i am not able to understand on 4d systems part about how to write address so that it can communicate with the device or do i need to use pull ups but it says in datasheet it already has so i am quite disturbed.


Refer to http://gammon.com.au/i2c, especially his I2C scanner. It will tell you what address the module is currently listening on.
You don't write the I2C address. It is built into the module. Some modules can use several different addresses and you choose exactly which one by using pull-ups, etc.


I can't really understand what is the difficult you are having. I have a 4D Systems display myself, (also a PICASO, but 7" inch) and it's pretty straight forward.

Why are you trying to use I2C? Just download the 4D Systems IDE, the library and use ViSi Genie.

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