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May 17, 2018, 04:50 pm Last Edit: May 17, 2018, 06:26 pm by trimchess
I bought a new Yun Rev2 board. Everything works fine unless the OpenWrt package manager. I can't install many packages I installed on my old Yun with Linino. Especially the midnight commander (mc) and some python packages.
Where can I find the needed package lists? It seems, they do not exist under downloads.arduino.cc/openwrtyun/17.11/packages/...
Thanks much for help!


No help or infos received...
I could install pip with
opkg install python-pip

But after I cant install e.g. the twilio packages with
-opkg update
-opkg install twilio

Midnight commander (mc) is in any repository, I found no way to install it. Not nice but I can live with it...

In my mind, the Rev2 is not to recommend. I can't understand why they changed from Linino (worked fine) to OpenWRT.

Are there other opinions?


i have the same problem with package ftplib ... currently search a lot ... but find nothing


To all three posters in this thread: it would be very helpful if you included the actual error messages or other output that you are seeing. With that information, we may be able to give you helpful advice. Without it, we can only guess at the problem, and we would probably be wrong.

Simply saying "it doesn't work" tells us nothing. There are many reasons why it may not work, and we have no way to narrow it down. The odds are good that that the three of you are having different problems.

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