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hi everyone,

recently I have been trying to work with GLCD of type ks0108 controller. I downloaded openGLCD library from https://bitbucket.org/bperrybap/openglcd/downloads
I made a circuit in proteusv8.4 which includes following hardware:
1. Arduino uno
2. AMPIRE 128x64 GLCD
3. resistor pack for input pullup
4. potentiometer 10K

I wired the circuit as shown in figure 1.

then I made a following simple program to display a letter 'h':

#include <openGLCD.h>

void setup()

void loop()

I am not getting intended output, even after successful compilation of program, rather I'm getting output as shown in figure 2.
I would be very grateful if someone help me out with this.


Run the diag sketch.
That should be the first thing you run when trying to bring up any new hardware.
--- bill


thank you bperrybap for your reply.

I tried to simulate diag sketch but it didn't work. but surprisingly when I changed the clock frequency of GLCD to1200 KHz (previously 300 KHz) everything worked fine.
since I was just simulating this circuit in proteus and was not physically making it so can you please explain the phenomenon of changing frequency worked in simulation? if I would have made a physical circuit so what would be the remedy if same problem is encountered physically?


I have no clue how proteus does its simulation.
Simulators are not reality.
When it comes to working with h/w I believe in working with, well.. real h/w.

--- bill


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