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Hi I'm guessing my next request should or is possible but I don't know how.

I have a evergrow IT5040 LED lighting array over my fish tank. This is programmed by a remote control. I want to hijack the remote control and replace it with an arduino


Assuming that google found the correct site then there are several models of LED lighting so your going to need to tell us the manufacturer of the lights or where they come from and what model you have.
If the remote control is Wi-Fi then this may be a problem if it uses encryption to transmit/receive data and will be difficult to offer advice on unless you can capture the data.
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Hi I do believe it to be wifi controlled.

This is the website. http://www.evergrowlighting.com/en/displayproduct.asp?proid=52

Unfortunately I'm sending this off my phone and I don't know how to make it a link sorry


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Thanks for the link as we now know what product your referring to but the next question is...
I cannot find a manual for the system so does the light/remote connect to your Wi-Fi router or does the remote control talk directly to the LED panel. If not Wi-Fi then do you know the frequency used?

Do you program the times into the remote and it tells the LED at the right time what to do or do you use the remote to send your program to the LED panel and then the remote is no longer needed?

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Sport for the delay in reply I've been away.
The remote is connected wirelessly to the light no computer needed.
The remote sends the details to the latest flying and is then no longer needed.

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